Thursday, July 28, 2016


I confess that....

This July has been the least busy month I've had in over a year. I honestly cannot remember the last time we had an entire month with barely any scheduled plans. And while it has definitely been nice to have lots of time to relax, I have realized I thrive off the energy of other people and am happiest when my schedule is full (not too full, but full) and I have lots going on. I've been in a slump all month, just feeling so lethargic and uninspired and it has been so hard to snap out of it.

On a happier note, August is jam packed with three trips plus other fun plans. I'm off to Michigan tonight for four days to visit my dad's side of the family and packing and planning has already got me feeling more energetic and excited. I'm hoping to get my blog act together soon too and post more frequently :)

Now onto some lighter confessions...

+ I was definitely Team Luke for Jojo, but now it seems highly likely that he'll be the next Bachelor and I just feel like he'll be such a bore to watch. He seems like a genuinely nice person, but that doesn't really make for entertaining television haha.

+ I am actually excited for Bachelor in Paradise. It is so ridiculous and I love the drama.

+ On another TV related note (since that's all I've been up to lately) I spent the entire day last Sunday binge watching the first season of Unreal. Has anyone else been watching it? Now just need to figure out where I can watch season two.

+ Something else I can't stop doing is shopping the Nordstrom sale. I know everyone has posted about it so I'll skip over sharing what I bought, but I just keep adding things to my cart. It doesn't help that their ads are now all over any website I visit. Needless to say this had better hold me over until spring.

+ I've checked only three things off my summer bucket list and it's already the end of July! Getting ice cream has been done numerous times though, so that counts for something :)

I need to finish up packing so that's all I've got today. Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday, and I'll try to show up here more next week!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Easy Summer Dinners

Happy Monday! Hope you're all starting off the week after a great weekend. Ours was low-key but fun, the highlight being meeting up with a friend I haven't seen in awhile for brunch and checking out The Beehive for the first time! The food was delicious and it had such a great atmosphere. We ate outside but I'll definitely be back in the fall/winter to check out their jazz brunch!

Since I don't have much to report on from this weekend I figured I'd share my dinners for the week! I meal plan almost every week, and it seriously makes life so much easier. On the agenda for this week are easy, healthy meals that are quick to throw together and perfect for a summer evening!

SUNDAY || Turkey Burgers & Zucchini Fries

I picked up both the burgers and fries from Trader Joe's, but next time I'd definitely make the fries from scratch since they didn't hold up the best from being frozen. Add in some grilled peppers and onions and you're good to go!

MONDAY || Pesto Zoodles with Chicken Sausage

I plan on sharing the full recipe for this next week since it's the best - all the indulgence of pesto pasta without the guilt.

TUESDAY || Grilled Chicken Stuffed with Sundried Tomatoes, Spinach & Goat Cheese (+ side of asparagus)

I've definitely shared this recipe before because it is delicious and so easy to throw together, and always in rotation, no matter what time of year. Goat cheese is my favorite though, so I always go with that instead of mozzarella.

WEDNESDAY || Mango Tilapia Tacos

These are so good! I made them for the first time last week and am already craving them again. Original recipe here - I just swapped grapefruit for mango.

And that's it! I leave one week day free in case plans come up, there's leftovers, or I'm just feeling a night off of cooking and turn to the always trusty breakfast for dinner :). And on the weekends we're usually out and about or picking up takeout so all meal planning goes out the window then.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Life Lately

Hello and happy Monday! The weather this weekend went from 90 and sunny to 60 and rainy in a day, which was disappointing but also made for a very relaxing and productive weekend since I couldn't be outside enjoying the sunshine. It was nice to relax after so much going on lately, and allowed me to get caught up on a few to-do list items, including finally writing a blog post. I've rounded up a few photos of life lately, and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been up to as well since I've been MIA from the blogging world. Hope everyone has a wonderful start to the week!

I spent a weekend in Maine visiting one of my best friends from college and having the best time.

1. Caitlin Elizabeths take Ogunquit beach
2. When in Maine, you order the lobster mac and cheese
3 & 4. We took a day trip to Camden for the most beautiful views and delicious ice cream

We stayed in Boston this Fourth of July instead of escaping the city like most do, and enjoyed a long weekend of fun and sunshine.
1. Continuing my ice cream tour of New England & checking off the summer bucket list
2 & 3. Beach days are the best days
4. Koozies from the Target dollar aisle to celebrate the 4th in style 

And just a few more snippets of life lately.
1. Soaking up the perfect weather by reading in the park after work
2. Tapas date night featuring our favorite potatas bravas
3. Rainy saturdays call for pancakes & strawberries
4. Good times with good friends
Linking up with the lovely Biana for weekending!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer 2016 Bucket List

With today being the fourth official day of summer, it's about time I get this post up! I love writing summer bucket lists because it reminds me to get outside and enjoy the season to the fullest! Here's what I'm hoping for this summer.

+Boston Calling Block Parties -Free live music, games, and (not free) beer and wine every Thursday on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. A perfect summer evening. I made it to one last summer, and definitely want to go back this year!

+Beach Days - this is almost unnecessary since it's a given, but I'm including it anyway :)

+Attend a BBQ - Barbecues are a summer staple, right? We don't have any outside space at our apartment, so I'll just have to find a friend to host one instead!

+Drinks at the Envoy - I've been meaning to go here for awhile and haven't made it yet - allegedly some of the best views of Boston.

+Seafood Festival - We went last year and had so much fun! We love seafood, so this is definitely a tradition we want to continue.

+Kayak the Charles - Carrying this over from last year's list since I never made it. Hopefully this is the year!

+Food Trucks - Since I don't work downtown I'm always missing out on these! Maybe I'll make it to SoWa to get my fix.

+Go Sailing - No one I know has a boat, but I have a couple friends who know how to sail so hoping to make this happen somehow!

+Weekend or Day Getaway - We don't have any big trips planned this summer, but I would to get out of town for a weekend or even a day and explore someplace new.

+Red Sox Game - I already went to one when my mom was visiting, but it was freezing! Definitely need to go again this summer.

+Go Out for Ice Cream - I have so many childhood memories around going to ice cream shops in the summer, and realized that I never do that as an adult (picking up ice cream at the store definitely happens though).

+ Restaurant Week - I meant to do this last summer. And the summer before. And I've missed it every winter as well. This year it WILL happen.

I've actually had this post sitting in my drafts since early May, and I didn't realize how long it had gotten until now. Guess I better get started! Yay for summer!

Monday, June 20, 2016

A Beautiful Weekend in Boston

Hello and Happy Monday! I know it's been silent on the blog the last two weeks, things have been pretty busy around here and truthfully I've seem to hit my summer blog slump. But I'm shaking off the dust today to share our weekend. It was sunny and beautiful and we had the best time!

James' parents came into town for Father's Day weekend, so we met up with them on Saturday afternoon to enjoy the seriously perfect weather and walk through the Garden and Commons. We even tried to spontaneously hop on a swan boat, but unfortunately they were just closing. After awhile we meandered over to Boylston street for dinner at Atlantic Fish Company. We shared a few oysters to start and then I ordered seared scallops for my meal - delicious!

After dinner we went to Symphony Hall to see Brian Wilson (along with his band and fellow Beach Boy Al Jardine) perform "Pet Sounds" accompanied by the Boston Pops. At the end the band played a few favorites without the orchestra, and most of the audience was out of their seats and dancing. James and I were easily the youngest ones in the audience, but it was a great show and fun to hear all the classics.

Sunday we met up with his parents again for a Father's Day brunch at Stephanie's on Newbury. I ordered the frittered french toast and it was so indulgent but so amazing. We took a long walk after brunch and enjoyed yet another perfect weather day before heading home for the Sunday usual - groceries, prepping for the week, and of course Game of Thrones!

Hope you all had great weekends, I'm looking forward to catching up on everyone since I've been MIA for awhile! Linking up with Biana today.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Happy Tuesday! Popping in a day late to share my weekend, which as usual went by way too fast! Friday night was definitely the highlight when five friends and I headed out to Gillette Stadium to see Beyonce! I had pretty high expectations and she exceeded them - it was by far the best concert I've ever been to! She (and her dancers!) put on an amazing performance, and she did a great job of mixing some of her newer songs with old favorites (I was so excited when she started singing Diva - one of my favorites in high school haha). We had such a fun time, and even though we didn't get home until 3am it was well worth it :)

Saturday morning I caught up on sleep and got some things done around the apartment. It was a beautiful day, so we headed over to Lawn on D for the evening. It was the perfect night for some corn hole and swinging.

Sunday it ended up pouring all day, which ended up being a great excuse to make pancakes for breakfast and spend the day binge watching our favorite shows. Slowly but surely making our way through Downton Abbey!

Hope all your weeks are off to a wonderful start!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I am in a great mood this morning since today kicks of the start of my summer Fridays (every other one off) and I am off to see Beyonce tonight! Before we get the weekend started, here's a few favorites from the week.

+ I've been pinning all the summer recipes lately (expect a full roundup coming soon) but in the meantime how delicious do these Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs look?

+ Speaking of recipes, this one for greek yogurt, avocado, and shrimp zoodles is a throwback from last summer, but has been made several times over the past couple of weeks. A perfect easy and healthy summer dinner!

+ 3 ingredient coconut mango ice cream... say no more

+ And along those lines, this strawberry rose sangria will definitely need to be made sometime soon! Perfect refreshing drink.

+ It's almost halfway through the year and I'm starting to get planner antsy. Thinking about picking up one of these on my next Target run. Any other recommendations? (Planners don't count as breaking my shopping freeze, obviously).

Hope you all have a wonderful, sunny weekend, and I'll see you back here on Monday! Linking up with Amanda